About The SentimentaLet Bracelets

Welcome to SentimentaLet Store, your number one source to get your sentimentalet bracelet. We're dedicated to providing you the very best of silicone bracelets, with an emphasis on your current sentimental situation. By wearing a sentimentalet you can:

  1. Have a sentimental and bonding item with your partner
  2. Identify people that are single so you can find your other half
  3. Stay open to new relationships if your feelings are complicated or if you have an open mind

Either way, having a sentimentalet will help you to know more about other people with just taking a look at their bracelet, and the same way around they will know more about you. Sometimes you will save yourself from the awkward moment of asking "Are you single?" to someone else, and sometimes wearing a sentimentalet with your couple will save you from people flirting with your other half on the streets. Even during the night or dark places the sentimentalet will be glowing so you can see the color and will be easy to identify the current sentimental situation of the other person that you are talking with.

We believe in a society where having a sentimentalet is a must have and everyone will have a chance to know better other people with just looking at their wrists.

We hope you enjoy our bracelets as much as we enjoy offering them to you.

To all of you, from all of us at the SentimentaLet Store - Thank you and Enjoy your sentimentalet bracelet!!!